The Journey to Fibroid Awareness

July is Fibroid Awareness Month

USA Fibroid Centers invites you on a journey to raise awareness for uterine fibroids and fibroid treatment options. Check out our calendar of events below!

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July 1

Kicking Off Fibroid Awareness Month
CEO and Founder Dr. Yan Katsnelson is featured in Real Health Magazine discussing the importance of raising awareness for the fibroid epidemic and for minimally invasive treatment options, like Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE).

To honor Fibroid Awareness Month and encourage women to get checked for fibroids, USA Fibroid Centers offers free consultations throughout the month of July at our highly rated outpatient centers in NY, FL, GA, PA, and TX.

Call 855.615.2555 and mention “free screening” when requesting your appointment.

July 2

Ladies in Lavender #ACallToPurple
Join Fibroid Ambassador Kym Lee-King in #ACallToPurple by wearing purple and sharing your fibroid story on social! Be sure to use #ACallToPurple and tag @theekymlee and @usafibroidcenters so that we can share your story on our social channels. Every Friday in the month of July, we’ll be highlighting USA Fibroid Centers Fibroid Ambassadors as they show us their call to purple.
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July 2

Kym Lee introduces #100WomenStrong as she calls on women to encourage each other to get checked for fibroids.

Starting July 3

Self-Check Saturdays
Follow us on social to get our self-check tips every Saturday as part of our journey to fibroid awareness.

July 5

I Have the Right
Our Fibroid Ambassadors Toya Johnson, Shay Johnson, and Erica Taylor share their empowering “I have a right” messages on our social channels
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July 9

IG Live with Kym Lee
Join us on July 9th at 7PM EST for a conversation between Kym Lee-King, one of our Fibroid Ambassadors, and Tanika Grey from #thewhitedressproject as they discuss fibroid awareness and advocacy.

July 13

Kym Lee Instagram Take Over
Join Kym Lee as she takes over our Instagram feeds! Don't miss your chance to meet our celebrity ambassador--follow us on Instagram to witness her takeover!
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July 15

Shay Johnson Social Take Over
Shay is taking over on Facebook and Instagram. Join Shay as she takes control of USA Fibroid Centers social feeds. Follow us to join Shay during her takeover!
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July 16

Ladies of Lavender Day #ACallToPurple
Our Fibroid Ambassador and celebrity makeup artist Kym Lee presents a makeup tutorial to help you create your own lavender-inspired look for Fibroid Awareness Month. Watch our Instagram reel for the free tutorial.
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July 21

Learn About Fibroids Webinar Series
We’ll be posting webinars with our expert doctors each week. Learn about fibroid disease, causes, symptoms, and treatments

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IG Live with Kym Lee-King and Congresswoman Yvette Clarke
Join us as Fibroid Ambassador Kym Lee-King discusses with Congresswoman Yvette Clarke the importance of the Uterine Fibroid Research & Education Act of 2021 and how the bill will help improve the lives of women suffering from fibroids.
Registration for the event is coming soon!

Details Coming Soon!

Twitter Space Hangout with Congresswoman Yvette Clarke
Join Fibroid Fighters Foundation Founder Dr. Yan Katsnelson as he and Congresswoman Yvette Clarke talk about how the Uterine Fibroid Research & Education Act of 2021 can help us bring an end to the fibroid epidemic and transform the lives of women nationwide.
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July 27

Erica Taylor Social Take Over
Our fibroid ambassador Erica Taylor is taking over our social feeds! Don’t miss your chance to hear about her fibroid journey, so follow us to tune in!
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July 31

Fibroid Awareness Event Honoring Congresswoman Yvette Clarke
The Fibroid Fighters Foundation, with the support of USA Fibroid Centers, is proud to host an event in New York honoring Congresswoman Yvette Clarke for her advocacy in the fight against fibroids with the Stephanie Tubbs Jones Uterine Fibroid Research & Education Act of 2021.
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