The Ladies of Lavender

44% of women diagnosed with uterine fibroids are not aware of non-surgical options. 62% of women have never heard of UFE (Uterine Fibroid Embolization). However, women who took the first steps with USA Fibroid Centers now have restored their health and send their love. We proudly call them ‘The Ladies of Lavender’.

I Finally Feel Whole Again

My bleeding was so bad before. I couldn’t go out with my friends hardly, and work was getting upset with me for missing so many days. I felt I was missing out. I finally got my treatment done and now, I finally feel whole again. The doctor was so nice and now I feel much better.

Rachel Queens, NY

UFE Changed My Life

My doctor was so amazing and a big life saver. Doing this procedure changed my life for the better and I’m so grateful. My life is coming back and I’m happy.

Bensonhurst, NY

Would Definitely Recommend

Wonderful staff. Dr. Gunzenhauser made me so comfortable pre and post surgery. [He was] very friendly, I would definitely recommend to others.

Bensonhurst, NY

Caring Staff

My experience was excellent good staff and everything was perfect!

Bensonhurst, NY

Before UFE, Symptoms Controlled My Life

This company will always be recommended by me. Living with fibroids for years gave me a great state of depression. I hurt all the time, gained massive weight, and was always asked when I was due. I [saw] the commercial and called; from day one setting up my appointment, I was treated great!! The team is professional and caring especially the surgeon. They explain top notch info about the problem and how they can fix it. Well today was my surgery and boy was I treated with total confidence and care. I love this business and recommend to all! Next, I will be setting up an appointment for my varicose veins because I trust them. I rushed home for recovery and already noticed I feel different, my stomach actually looks smaller now. Thank you USA Fibroid Centers.

Flatbush, NY

Truly Grateful

Words cannot begin to describe the level of professional service at the USA Fibroid Center located at 1264 St. Nicholas Ave. On my first visit for an evaluation, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Gunzenhauser who was extremely compassionate, reassuring and understanding. Which unlike the previous 3 doctor that only recommended a Hysterectomy, I was told about [my non-surgical] options. My procedure with Dr. Gunzenhauser felt safe and in good hands everything went fast and smooth. I would definitely recommend Dr. Gunzenhauser to anyone looking to get information or have a procedure done, I am truly grateful to have made the call to USA Fibroid Centers.

New York, NY

Excellent Results

One year after my embolization, my progress was close to 80%! Thanks to Dr. Eli Halpert and staff!

Bensonhurst, NY