The Ladies of Lavender

44% of women diagnosed with uterine fibroids are not aware of non-surgical options. 62% of women have never heard of UFE (Uterine Fibroid Embolization). However, women who took the first steps with USA Fibroid Centers now have restored their health and send their love. We proudly call them ‘The Ladies of Lavender’.

Thanks for saving my wife from the pain!

Thanks for saving my wife from all the pain she was going through she feeling so much better thank you thank you she can live her best life with out having pain.

Derrius Mack
Austell, GA

Solution to get rid of fibroids!

Thanks to Dr. Sachin Sheth for saving my life after years of having really bad cramps and heavy bleeding he found my solution to get rid of fibroids! If you need any help with any of these problems, see Dr. Sachin Sheth for the best help! He was very nice and he listened to what my body was going through and got me in to have my procedure done and now I’m feeling so much better.

Nicole Martin
Austell, GA

Appointment exceeded expectations!

My experience with Dr. Maybody and the entire team of nurses from my first appointment truly exceeded my expectations. Not only with the kindness and affection with which they treated me, but also with the clarity in explaining each process step by step. They were very clear about the truth that I recommend them and I have also recommended them to our patients. I only have a word of thanks for everyone.

Yury Lisseth
New York, New York

The whole entire staff was amazing

The whole entire staff was amazing ..everyone professional, courteous, and welcoming. DR. Shiloh and the nurse anesthesiologist made me feel comfortable. Nurse Shane however made we feel like family. Her demeanor, her pep talk about the procedure and a much needed talk about life, left me feeling reinvigorate. Thank you. I will highly recommend any dealing with fibroid.

Latrina M
Southampton, PA

Treated with Courtesy and Respect

The doctors and staff are extremely polite and treat patients with courtesy and respect.

White Plains, NY

I would recommend the actual Dr. and Fibroid Center in Northampton, PA to anyone! For women experiencing trouble with fibroids, please know there is hope!!!!

After unsuccessfully dealing with and trying to treat fibroids for years, I googled fibroid specialists out of desperation to find something that would finally work. (I live very rurally and nobody in this are apparently knows how to treat fibroids even though it is said that up to 30% of women deal with them!) After contacting the fibroid centers that I found while googling, I was set up with telemedicine appointments with Dr. Aaron Shiloh who is extremely knowledgeable and caring, an expert in his field! I live 4 hours away and he was wonderful and flexible with making it so that I didn’t have to make tons of unnecessary trips back and forth! My experience with the clinic where Dr. Shiloh works was excellent from beginning to end. Everything was planned out well and I knew exactly what to expect! I received a UFE (uterine fibroid embolization) and the process was not painful and went very well. This was totally worth the drive and worth everything I went through. The clinic is not fancy but is sufficient and everyone is extremely professional and knowledgeable! The Dr. genuinely cares and will personally email you and even let you have his phone number to check in wtih you. I have never had a Dr. do that before and that proves to me that he cares and wants to be accessible to his patients! The only hiccup that I had at all was with my insurance which I’m sure was not the doctor’s fault and he even went to bat for me with that to try and get things figured out! (I believe everything is now resolved?!) When you call the 800 Fibroid number, it can be a little hard to understand some of the people at the operating centers but again, totally worth it and I would recommend the actual Dr. and Fibroid Center in Northampton, PA to anyone! For women experiencing trouble with fibroids, please know there is hope!!!! – Jesse Nice

S Broad
Philadelphia, PA

Got my life back

Got my life back after my embolization last year. Thank you!

Miriam R
Mott Haven, NY

The doctor was very professional

The doctor was very professional, the wait was not long. Doctor answered all questions the staff was professional. The answering center is pretty efficient and professional.

Mo G
Mott Haven, NY


It’s been a year since I had my procedure. It was the best decision. So happy I HAVE NO PROBLEMS ANYMORE.

Kourtney S
White Plains, NY

My experience was very good

My experience was very good and am not feeling any pain I don’t have any more heavy bleeding thanks to usa fibroid center they do a great job

Andrea D
White Plains, NY

My experience was good

My experience was good, once it was determined that my fibroid condition and good health met the criteria for the procedure, my insurance covered the surgery within a week and my recovery went well without any major issues. Overall, I’m satisfied and excited to have a life in great health without any fibroids growing back. Lest I forget, the doctors were extremely helpful and knowledgeable about my concerns.

Denise W
Decatur, GA

USA Fibroid Center saved my life!!

USA Fibroid Center saved my life!! I no longer suffer from heavy periods, bad cramping and very bad bloatiness. I suffered for a couple of years with it and once I saw that they had this center in my area I made an appointment right away. Dr Ahmad and he’s team we’re amazing in the Suffern NY location. After my embolization I feel amazing and no longer suffer from long periods or pain. I totally recommend looking into this, they made my journey so easy to do.

Mariel T
Suffern, NY

Fantastic Experience!

My experience with the Dr was fantastic! He did a great job walking me through the process. He let me choose my own music to listen to during the surgery. He also checked on me after the surgery. He was always available to answer me and my husband’s questions. Please talk to Dr. Sheth’s office before you make a decision about your fibroids.

M Fletcher
Decatur, GA

Great service!

I am very please with the service since day one with all the process step by step. Not so painful wonderful staff from the doctor to all the nurses.  No words to describe how happy I feel!

1264 St Nicholas Ave, New York, NY

Highly Recommend

Everyone was really nice at Bronx USA Fibroid Centers, 1264 St Nicholas. Very clean place, I went in nervous and the receptionist [assured me] along with Dr. Jeffrey Gunzenhauser MD that everything will be okay… guess what?! I’m better then ever.. thank you god and Jeffrey Gunzenhauser MD…. I must say he is absolutely amazing in what he does.. he made me feel comfortable…I highly recommend to get uterine fibroid embolization.. I got the procedure done and so can you.. it took me four, long years to do this. I am happy I can finally move forward in life…. I just love them…. thank you again Jeffrey Gunzenhauser MD. You’re the best…. god bless…

Marble Hill, NY

Recommended My Friend

I had my procedure on June 4th 2019 at the Jamaica Ave location. Dr. Reichman was so pleasant and patient. My nurse was very nice. Thanks everyone! I have recommended a friend.

Jamaica, NY

Their Team Members Made My Experience Excellent

Awesome job, Katia, Gabby and VP Nathan who fought with my insurance company to help make sure my procedure was covered by my insurance company as an in-network provider. Zurina, RN, Ashley, Coordinating Secretary, Kenya, Medical Technologist, Joe, Radiological Technologist, Dr. Kay, Anesthesiologist and Intervention Radiologist Dr. Jeffrey Gunzenhauser were all very special and instrumental to making my experience with the USA Fibroid Center excellent.

I would use them again if needed and refer family and friends. I myself am a ICU nurse and from a patient point of view, I could not have received better care. Thank you USA Fibroid Centers!

Bensonhurst, NY

Wonderful Experience

It was an interesting journey. I ended up having the procedure done at the Brooklyn location. My experience there was WONDERFUL. They were very pleasant and VERY ATTENTIVE. I’m happy.

White Plains, NY

Finally Could Sleep Through the Night

When I say I had so much trouble finding fibroid help in Florida, I mean it. It was so hard to find a good doc that didn’t recommend a hysterectomy. Found USA Fibroid Centers online from a friend who had her friend go to them for her fibroid help. It was about two weeks after getting their treatment done and I started being able to sleep all through the night. No more constant bathroom, no more ruining the sheets, all I have to say is…finally!

Hallandale, FL

Hysterectomy Is Not the Only Option

If you have fibroids, go see them. I waited eight years. Their procedure is non-invasive and life changing. Gynecologists won’t tell you about this option, and it works! Dr. Gunzenhauzer and his staff are amazing. Stop suffering. Hysterectomy is not the only option. My relief was immediate. No joke

Brooklyn, NY

Why I Chose UFE

I did the embolization approximately one year ago, this procedure has transformed my life. Choosing this alternative to a hysterectomy is something I would never regret. No more pains hemorrhaging and [the doctor] and his staff were so professional. Thank you!!!

Bensonhurst, NY

They Listened and Cared

Had my veins treated here a year and a half ago. Came in because I had heavy periods and had to use pad after pad, sometimes three at a time. I feel so much better right now. Lot less pain, lot lighter periods now. Thanks to the doctors and staff here. Very nice, caring, and listened to my issues rather than discounting them like my general family doctor did.


Life Changing

I missed A LOT of work and my boss tried to be nice, but her boss was pressuring her, so I was let go. I could hardly get out of bed…the pain was THAT bad. I went to a lot of hospitals and obgyns and by far this center was the best.

USA Fibroid Centers was nice and made me feel like I was being told the real story, nothing fake or clouded. The clinic was clean and I got an appointment right away. I feel good now after treating my fibroids; I got a new job and I don’t miss work because of bleeding. I’m glad I went before it got even worse! Thank you.

Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY

They Gave Me All My Options

It was a painful journey but, thanks to this place I got better. At 25, I was diagnosed with fibroids and a cyst after experiencing a massive pain on my right ovary. I felt alone. No doctors wanted to do anything with a young girl like me. The only procedure they knew of was a hysterectomy and at 25 that is definitely not happening; not even if I wanted to just end the pain, I was going through everyday.

Dr. Gunzenhauser explained all my options when it came to helping me. I was amazed by the different options I was given. It seemed like a never ending list. He suggested a fibroid embolization. Two weeks of recovery and I was back on my feet in no time.

Thank you, USA Fibroid Centers.

St. Nicholas, NY

I Finally Feel Whole Again

My bleeding was so bad before. I couldn’t go out with my friends hardly, and work was getting upset with me for missing so many days. I felt I was missing out. I finally got my treatment done and now, I finally feel whole again. The doctor was so nice and now I feel much better.

Queens, NY

UFE Changed My Life

My doctor was so amazing and a big life saver. Doing this procedure changed my life for the better and I’m so grateful. My life is coming back and I’m happy.

Bensonhurst, NY

Would Definitely Recommend

Wonderful staff. Dr. Gunzenhauser made me so comfortable pre and post surgery. [He was] very friendly, I would definitely recommend to others.

Bensonhurst, NY

Caring Staff

My experience was excellent good staff and everything was perfect!

Bensonhurst, NY

Before UFE, Symptoms Controlled My Life

This company will always be recommended by me. Living with fibroids for years gave me a great state of depression. I hurt all the time, gained massive weight, and was always asked when I was due. I [saw] the commercial and called; from day one setting up my appointment, I was treated great!! The team is professional and caring especially the surgeon. They explain top notch info about the problem and how they can fix it. Well today was my surgery and boy was I treated with total confidence and care. I love this business and recommend to all! Next, I will be setting up an appointment for my varicose veins because I trust them. I rushed home for recovery and already noticed I feel different, my stomach actually looks smaller now. Thank you USA Fibroid Centers.

Flatbush, NY

Excellent Results

One year after my embolization, my progress was close to 80%! Thanks to the doctor and staff!

Bensonhurst, NY