Many individuals experience symptoms of uterine fibroids during their lifetime. Though these tumors are non-cancerous, they can still cause uncomfortable symptoms such as pelvic pressure and heavy bleeding. In these cases, treatment becomes essential to improving a patient’s quality of life.

At USA Fibroid Centers, our mission is to provide personalized, non-surgical treatment for fibroids using a cutting-edge procedure called Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE). We’re also dedicated to raising awareness of UFE as a treatment option and encouraging more conversation about fibroids. We hope that as more people recognize symptoms of fibroids and understand treatment options, more women will be able to receive the care they need to feel better. You can read more about specific aspects of our mission statement below.

Offering Another Treatment Option


Our vision is be the leader in non-surgical outpatient fibroid treatment.  We aim to increase awareness of fibroid symptoms (pain, pressure, heavy bleeding) and improve quality of life for every woman with this common condition.

We believe that people shouldn’t have to choose between invasive surgery and continued pain from fibroids. UFE, a non-surgical and FDA-approved procedure, gives women freedom from their fibroid symptoms.

Though UFE is a successful method for treating fibroids, 44 percent of women diagnosed with uterine fibroids report that they’ve never heard of the procedure. For this reason, part of our mission involves increasing education about the minimally invasive treatment UFE. We aim to provide patients with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions for their own well-being. Our staff helps patients understand UFE and consider it as an alternative to other treatments.

Providing Personalized Care

We care about our patients.

Through our patient-focused mission for fibroid treatment our goal is to improve the lives of our patients. We aim to exceed our patient’s expectations with respect, compassion and sensitivity to the individual needs of our patients and their families, less time lost from work and no hospital stay.

At USA Fibroid Centers, we strive to provide personalized care for all our patients, which means listening to them, speaking openly and honestly, and offering them an accessible treatment option. Before recommending any course of treatment, our doctors first meet with patients to discuss their personal situation and answer questions. Together, our doctors and patients create a personalized care plan that takes into account the patients’ unique needs.

Throughout the consulting process and procedure, our specialists remain transparent with patients in order to provide them with all the information they need to make a decision they feel good about.

We care about our people.

Our commitment to women’s health is just as strong as our commitment to the quality and integrity of our staff.  Our team of experienced medical professionals strive to maintain the highest excellence in patient care.  It is through their experience, dedication, and compassion that we provide exceptional care to our patients.

We also strive to provide a treatment option that is accessible to people in all situations. In comparison to surgical treatments such as hysterectomies, UFE provides a faster, more practical way of addressing fibroids. Our patients can return home quickly, resume regular activities within 7 to 10 days, and recover while missing minimal days at work.

Expanding the Conversation

We care about our communities.

We are committed to the people, associations and organizations that make up our surrounding communities. We do so by bringing state of the art care and ultramodern facilities, experienced physicians and staff who provide quality care and communications to connect to our patients’ needs. We are proud to provide health education to help people better understand and make the best choices about available treatment options for fibroids and improve the quality of their life.

More than half of the women in the U.S. don’t believe they’re at risk for developing fibroids. By raising awareness that their heavy, prolonged bleeding is not normal, we hope more women will seek treatment as soon as they recognize these possible signs of fibroids.

At USA Fibroid Centers, our vision is to improve the quality of life for all individuals with this common condition by becoming a leader in non-surgical outpatient fibroid treatment.

We want to help patients like you find the best treatment. If you’d like to start a conversation and learn more about UFE or our mission, reach out to us today.

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Life with fibroids can be painful and challenging. Timely detection and treatment of fibroids can relieve symptoms, as well as reduce your risk for hysterectomy.

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