After unsuccessfully dealing with and trying to treat fibroids for years, I googled fibroid specialists out of desperation to find something that would finally work. (I live very rurally and nobody in this are apparently knows how to treat fibroids even though it is said that up to 30% of women deal with them!) After contacting the fibroid centers that I found while googling, I was set up with telemedicine appointments with Dr. Aaron Shiloh who is extremely knowledgeable and caring, an expert in his field! I live 4 hours away and he was wonderful and flexible with making it so that I didn’t have to make tons of unnecessary trips back and forth! My experience with the clinic where Dr. Shiloh works was excellent from beginning to end. Everything was planned out well and I knew exactly what to expect! I received a UFE (uterine fibroid embolization) and the process was not painful and went very well. This was totally worth the drive and worth everything I went through. The clinic is not fancy but is sufficient and everyone is extremely professional and knowledgeable! The Dr. genuinely cares and will personally email you and even let you have his phone number to check in wtih you. I have never had a Dr. do that before and that proves to me that he cares and wants to be accessible to his patients! The only hiccup that I had at all was with my insurance which I’m sure was not the doctor’s fault and he even went to bat for me with that to try and get things figured out! (I believe everything is now resolved?!) When you call the 800 Fibroid number, it can be a little hard to understand some of the people at the operating centers but again, totally worth it and I would recommend the actual Dr. and Fibroid Center in Northampton, PA to anyone! For women experiencing trouble with fibroids, please know there is hope!!!! – Jesse Nice