Last November was the last straw for me. I had heavy periods and horrible cramps for months. Everyone told me it was normal, or that my body was just going through a change, but boy were we wrong. I had four fibroids and my obgyn said I was going to need a hysterectomy. I was so upset and started going to therapy so I could deal. My friends told me I was too young, and what if I wanted to have another kid.

I went to USA Fibroid Centers and they told me about embolization. The doctors were so nice and the visit went very well. After, no more cramps, no more bathroom breaks, definitely less bleeding. They checked on me and made sure everything was going alright and they were very thoughtful at my other appointments. I couldn’t imagine life without using two pads (and changing them every 2 hours), but now I can. I would recommend to all who have fibroids. There are more options, you shouldn’t just get stuck. They were very informative here and knew a lot. I felt comfortable which is a big thing for me.