Fibroids Affect Your Love Life

Besides the heavy and prolonged bleeding and pain women with fibroids experience there is always another concern-how will fibroids affect my sex life? The answer is yes; uterine fibroids present many obstacles in the bedroom as fibroid symptoms get in the way of sexual intercourse and make it unpleasant. Being on your period for longer than a week can make it impossible to have sex. Pelvic and abdominal pain can make sexual intercourse painful. Feeling the urge to urinate frequently can get in the way and make sex unappealing. Fibroids can also cause the loss of libido leading lack of desire to have sex. The size and location of fibroids can cause pressure on the walls of the uterus, causing pain. If a fibroid grows near the cervix at the end of the vaginal tract insertional intercourse can become very distressing. But the good news is there is a non-surgical alternative to fibroid treatment which can effectively improve the symptoms and shrink the fibroid tumor. At USA Fibroid Centers our interventional radiologists are specialized in fibroid treatment and offer Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE), a non-surgical treatment for fibroids performed in the office. During this procedure the blood supply to the fibroid tumor(s) is blocked and the symptoms gradually disappear. According to a French study women with bothersome uterine fibroids saw improvements in their sex lives and significant symptom relief a year after undergoing UFE. Nearly eight in 10 women who completed surveys a year after treatment reported improved sexual function. “Not only is UFE an effective treatment for uterine fibroids, but it also allows women to return to a more normal life, increase their sexual desire, and enjoy an overall improved quality of life,” said Dr. Sapoval, professor of clinical radiology at Hopital European Georges Pompidou in Paris. The only issue is a lot of women are embarrassed to discuss their sexual problems caused by fibroids and hesitate to reach for help.

If you are a woman whose love life is affected from uterine fibroids call (888)-628-9389. Our interventional radiologists have helped hundreds of women with prolonged and painful menstrual periods and they can help you too!