MEternal Podcast

Dr. Yan Katsnelson, CEO of USA Fibroid Centers was a guest on the recent MEternal podcast with host Kenya Gipson to discuss uterine fibroids. Dr. Yan Katsnelson shares insights into the prevalence of fibroids, common symptoms, and risk factors that every woman should be aware of.  Dr. Yan Katsnelson explores the advancements in fibroid treatment and emphasizes the importance of patient-centered care in improving outcomes and quality of life.

Tune in to this informative episode to learn how women can take charge of their fibroid health. debunk myths surrounding the condition, and navigate the journey towards optimal well-being with expert guidance from Dr. Yan Katsnelson and USA Fibroid Centers.

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About USA Fibroid Centers

As a leading provider of Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) for the treatment of uterine fibroids, USA Fibroid Centers is on a mission to break the stigma around talking about women’s reproductive health so women can get the information about fibroids they need to make the best decisions for their well-being. 

Uterine fibroids are the leading cause of hysterectomies, and minimally invasive options like UFE often go unmentioned when women are presented with their treatment options for their fibroids. We want to educate women and physicians, about the importance of understanding all the treatment options for fibroids so that no woman has to make the difficult decision between life with pain and fibroid treatment. 

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