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USA Fibroid Centers’ Fibroid Ambassador Kym Lee was recently featured in HealthCentral where she talked about her battle with uterine fibroids. This article showcases the experiences of three women navigating the path to diagnosis and treatment. They not only battled fibroids but also a healthcare system that frequently fails to address this widespread condition effectively.

Uterine fibroids are a prevalent condition, impacting up to 80% of black women and 70% of white women by age 50. Millions of women in the United States struggle with this condition, often enduring symptoms like heavy bleeding, painful periods, and pelvic pain. However, in most cases, the diagnosis and treatment process is lengthy and frustrating.

While some women experience no symptoms at all, others struggle for years without a clear explanation for their painful symptoms. Many women experience a significant delay in getting the treatment they need for fibroids due to misdiagnosis. This can have a major impact on their quality of life.

Lee struggled with painful symptoms, twelve years ago, when she was finally diagnosed with uterine fibroids. Due to heavy bleeding, her doctor suggested a hysterectomy but also attributed her pain to perimenopause, a transitional phase leading up to menopause. However, Kym Lee was not satisfied with the treatment option her doctor had suggested and decided to keep looking for other options. This resulted in Lee relying heavily on pain medication to manage the discomfort and painful symptoms.

Finally, after years of battling symptoms and the lack of information, massaging hemorrhaging forced Lee to have an emergency partial hysterectomy. While the surgery brought relief, she was not provided with adequate information regarding her recovery and potential side effects. 

Lee managed to remain positive throughout her journey despite the shortcomings and decided to find a way to spread awareness about fibroid disease. Becoming a USA Fibroid Centers ambassador marked a new beginning. By connecting with a supportive community, she discovered many women suffering silently. 

Lee uses the USA Fibroid Centers social platform, Talk About “U” to advocate and educate women about not only the causes and risk factors associated with fibroids but also the safe and effective non-surgical treatment options available.

“Today, my health is stable,” Lee states, “but my journey emphasized the importance of self-advocacy. My mission now is to empower other women with knowledge and support, guiding them to make an informed decision about treatment options.”

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