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You’re responsible for your health, and I want you to know that I and other fibroid specialists are here to help you with that every step of the way.- Dr. Spano, USA Fibroid Centers

For many women, uterine fibroids can be a source of pain, discomfort, and unanswered questions. However, with the right information and support, managing fibroids and reclaiming your well-being is possible.

 USA Fibroid Centers’ Ambassador Kym Lee recently spoke with Dr. Stephanie Spano, a skilled interventional radiologist at USA Fibroid Centers, when Dr. Spano appeared on Lee’s USA Fibroid Centers’ Instagram Live Talk About U to raise awareness about uterine fibroids and available treatment options, particularly uterine fibroid embolization (UFE).

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Understanding the Impact of Fibroids

The discussion highlighted the diverse experiences women with fibroids face. Symptoms like heavy bleeding, pelvic pain, and bloating can significantly impact daily life, often leading to a mix of personal experiences and questions about treatment. Fertility concerns, potential side effects, and long-term effectiveness naturally arise, making clear and individualized answers crucial.

Types of Fibroids
Fibroids are generally classified by location and can vary in size and number.

Empowering Women Through Knowledge

It’s important for women to know more about their bodies so that they can recognize when symptoms escalate to bigger issues.  Common fibroid symptoms include prolonged or heavy bleeding, anemia, pelvic pain, and pressure make daily and everyday activities difficult. Dr. Spano encouraged women to understand their bodies and seek answers to find long-lasting relief from fibroids.

Dr. Spano further stressed the importance of open communication, motivating women to openly discuss their expectations, anxieties, and medical history with their healthcare providers. She believes this enables them to make informed decisions about their well-being and choose the right path for managing their fibroids.


Championing  Personalized Care

Dr. Spano, who is dedicated to providing women with personalized care, utilizes advanced techniques to pinpoint the location and size of fibroids. This collaborative approach allows her to determine if UFE, a minimally invasive procedure, is the best option for individual needs. Her commitment to creating individualized treatment plans and comprehensive care throughout the patient experience makes her a trusted partner in navigating fibroids.

“Physicians colleagues working towards the same goal: the patient’s well-being,” said Dr. Spano. “Just like I wouldn’t hesitate to refer a patient to a gynecologist if that’s what the patient’s condition requires, I trust gynecologists to guide their patients to the best interventional radiologist for embolization. It’s all about collaboration. Finding the best fit for the patient’s needs that’s our shared victory.”

Exploring UFE as a Treatment Option

Dr. Spano offered insights and guidance on recognizing and managing fibroid symptoms while exploring various treatment options. She highlighted the benefits of uterine fibroid embolization  (UFE), a procedure that shrinks fibroids by blocking their blood supply, offering a minimally invasive alternative to traditional surgery.

Magic of UFE
UFE is a safe and effective non-surgical solution that shrinks fibroids without removing your uterus, helping you regain control of your comfort and well-being.

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Fibroid Care: Dr. Spano emphasized the importance of fostering a supportive community for women’s health. If you’re experiencing symptoms of fibroids, remember you’re not alone. USA Fibroid Centers is here to help. Connect with our supportive network at USA Fibroid Centers. Schedule a consultation todayand explore personalized treatment plans to help you manage your fibroids.

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Learn if UFE is Right For You

Benefits of UFE

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