Natural Remedies for Uterine Fibroids

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Natural Fibroid Treatment and Remedies

There are many different treatments for uterine fibroids. Unfortunately, all of these treatments, aside from hysterectomy, don’t offer permanent relief from fibroids, which is likely why so many women are turning to the internet to find out about natural remedies for fibroids.

Although some natural remedies for fibroids may be successful, using this treatment method is a slow process, one that can take years of lifestyle changes before showing any results. For some that have large and extremely painful fibroids, natural remedies are not an effective option. Also, it’s important to point out that untreated fibroids can get worse with time, and often lead to the development of other serious health conditions.

Eat Less Meat

Studies have suggested that eating a lot of red meat or food that is high calorie, high fat, or high sugar, may contribute to the development of fibroids. If you are worried about the risks, it’s best to avoid eating too much of these foods.

Avoid Refined Carbs and Sugary Foods

Foods like white rice, pasta, cereal, chips, or foods containing corn syrup, are all high in sugar and refined carbs. Consuming too much of these foods raises levels of sugar in the blood. Try opting for bright-colored foods like raw vegetables, fruit, whole grains, or whole-grain pasta/bread.

Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine

Drinking alcohol can increase your risk of developing fibroids. Even just one beer per day can cause your risk of fibroids to increase by 50 percent. The information surrounding caffeine isn’t so clear. 

Some studies have shown that women who consume caffeine may have an increased risk of fibroids while other studies showed the opposite effect. However, it has been shown that drinking the equivalent of two cups of coffee per day can raise estrogen levels. Raised estrogen levels are linked with fibroid growth. Avoiding alcohol and caffeine can assist as a natural treatment for fibroids.

Green Tea

Green tea is high in antioxidants which help your body’s natural healing process. Drinking green tea or taking supplements could provide significant fibroid symptom relief.

Monk’s Pepper

Also known as chasteberry, it is the fruit of a tree native to central Asia and the Mediterranean. This ancient herb was used in the middle ages to decrease sexual desire. However, nowadays, chasteberry can be used to aid menstrual problems like heavy bleeding or infertility. This herb is a great natural fibroid treatment because heavy bleeding is often an inconvenient symptom for women with fibroids.

Some believe the herb has the ability to relive menopausal symptoms, however, there is so sufficient evidence supporting it.

Guizhi Fuiing Wan

Guizhi Fuling Wan is a 1,800-year-old traditional Chinese medicine. This herbal supplement was meant to promote circulation and remove any inactive blood cells from the pelvic region. Today, this herb can be used to relieve uterine fibroid symptoms like cramps or abdominal bloating, however, there is very little evidence to support this.

Isphagula and Senna

Also known as Manevac, Isphagula and Senna are natural laxatives. Senna works to stimulate the walls of the colon and rectum and promote easy bowel movements. Isphagula is not absorbed into the body, it works by increasing the mass of the fecal matter which encourages the body to expel the fecal matter on its own.

These herbs can be beneficial if your uterine fibroids cause uncomfortable constipation, which increases pressure on the blood vessels of the pelvic region.

Healthy Lifestyle

Heightened stress levels can be harmful to your health and increase your risk of developing fibroids. Take measures every day to relax and make sure you’re maintaining healthy habits. Some easy ways to manage stress starting today:

  • Take A Warm Bath
  • Do Yoga
  • Get Proper Sleep
  • Go For A Walk

Exercise for fibroids won’t make them go away, but it can help alleviate some of the symptoms, such as painful cramps.


Some studies indicate that acupuncture may help with fibroids, but the evidence is inconclusive. This ancient Chinese practice has been used for centuries for various illnesses and medical conditions and may be touted as a natural treatment for fibroids. The practice uses tiny needles inserted into specific areas of the body. More follow-up is needed along with evidence to establish the safety and effectiveness of acupuncture for the treatment of uterine fibroids.

What Is The Cause of Fibroids?

The cause of uterine fibroids is still a mystery to the medical world. This is partially why there are so many treatment options because there are so many different factors that could cause uterine fibroids. Some of these factors include weight, age, ethnicity, lifestyle, and genetics. Although the real cause is unknown, many women with fibroids complain about the same symptoms, which leads doctors to believe there could be a cause by studying trends in women diagnosed with the condition.

If your uterine fibroid symptoms are mild, you may benefit from some at-home remedies. These remedies are in no way meant to replace traditional medical treatments; however, they may provide some needed symptom relief. Unfortunately, there has been very little research to show that natural remedies and holistic treatment methods are successful at treating patients with uterine fibroids.

How Can I Get Rid of Fibroids Without Surgery?

It’s possible to get rid of fibroids without requiring invasive surgery like a hysterectomy or myomectomy for fibroid removal. Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) is a minimally invasive procedure that can shrink fibroids without surgery. This outpatient treatment allows you to go home the same day.

Using ultrasound technology, a fibroid specialist uses a tiny catheter inserted into the wrist or upper thigh to locate the fibroid. Once the artery is located supplying nutrients to the fibroid, an embolic substance is injected to close off the artery. Without blood flow to the fibroid, it will gradually shrink and die.

UFE can reduce or eliminate fibroids’ symptoms, relieving you from painful cramps, heavy bleeding, and other symptoms that disrupt your daily routines. It also preserves the uterus and your fertility without the long recovery time that can occur with surgery. This procedure also works faster than a natural treatment for fibroids.

Visit a Fibroid Center Near You

At USA Fibroid Centers, our passion is to provide our patients with top-quality fibroid care. We exclusively offer UFE. If your fibroid symptoms are interfering with your life, give us a call. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding insurance, treatment costs, recovery, and more. Contact us at 855.615.2555 to learn more about UFE or to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

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