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Tambra Cherie, known for her captivating voice and vibrant personality, graced our Instagram platform to share her remarkable journey with fibroids on our Talk About “U” program with host Kym Lee. What started as a casual conversation for the “Belle Collective” OWN  star with a producer blossomed into a powerful moment of vulnerability, igniting a beacon of awareness for countless women. 

Tambra showWhile her career revolved around entertaining and inspiring others, the spotlight rarely shone on Cherie’s personal struggles. This time, however, the conversation shifted inwards, unveiling a story beyond the microphone and the TV screen. 

At first, unsure about sharing something so personal, Cherie hesitated. In her world of radio, the focus was always on the audience, not herself. But a producer’s keen eye identified the significance of her experience, urging her to embrace the opportunity to empower others. 

From Follow-Up to Feature Story

A seemingly routine fibroid follow-up appointment sparked a turning point. Her producer saw a story waiting to be told that resonated with millions of women facing similar challenges in silence. 

Cherie’s journey with fibroids began much earlier, with prior surgeries leaving their mark. Yet, it was this seemingly innocuous follow-up that unlocked a powerful message – a message that transcended self-promotion and embraced the power of shared experiences. 

Cherie’s fibroid problems began in her twenties, not with the stereotypical symptoms many associate with the condition. A seemingly harmless pain during a trip to Miami escalated into emergency surgery, leaving her with a shocking diagnosis: a massive fibroid masquerading as a “mask on her stomach.” 

This unexpected discovery serves as a crucial reminder – fibroids don’t always announce themselves with heavy bleeding or debilitating pain. Cherie’s experience emphasizes the importance of women listening to their bodies and advocating for their health. 

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Myomectomy and Learning Curve 

Cherie’s first surgery, a myomectomy, aimed to remove the large fibroid. This experience highlighted the critical role of patient advocacy. Unaware of the need for ultrasounds beyond pregnancy, Tambra underscores the importance of proactively asking your doctor for these tests, regardless of perceived symptoms. 

Talk About “U” Host Kym Lee chimes in:

While not a medical professional herself, Lee emphasizes the power of Cherie’s story and raises the question:

Should women routinely request ultrasounds during check-ups? 

Talk About U
[Top} Host Kym Lee interviewed Tambra Cherie on USA Fibroid Center’s IG Live program, Talk About “U”.
Tambra Cherie’s Answer: 

Empowered by her experience, Cherie unequivocally encourages women to advocate for their health. Even in the absence of apparent symptoms, asking for ultrasounds can play a vital role in early detection and treatment.  Are you wondering how fibroids, benign growths found inside the uterus or attached to the outer walls, are diagnosed?


The Conversation Continues

While Cherie’s first encounter was dramatic, the second time around involved consciously watching her diet and actively researching the condition. On the USA Fibroid Centers’ Live program, she emphasizes the importance of patient education. Unaware of fibroids in her youth, she highlights the need for open communication within families and encourages young women to be proactive about their health. 


Breaking the Silence 

Cherie’s story sheds light on the prevalence of fibroids, a condition often shrouded in silence. Sharing her experience on national television sparked a wave of support and empowered countless women to come forward with their own stories. 

Alongside USA FIbroid Centers, Cherie advocates for: 

  • Self-advocacy: Women must be their own health champions, seeking doctors who listen and fight for them. 
  • Open communication: Sharing stories with friends and family fosters support and understanding. 
  • Informed communities: Educating ourselves and others about fibroids empowers women to make informed decisions about their health. 

Diet and Fibroids 

Unaware of fibroids’ recurrence, Tambra actively researched and changed her diet, embracing natural remedies and lifestyle modifications. While healthy habits are crucial, no conclusive evidence links diet directly to fibroid development exists. Research is ongoing to identify the true culprit. 

Heredity and Family Conversations 

Cherie’s experience highlights the importance of family conversations about women’s health issues. While certain conditions like fibroids can be hereditary, not discussing them creates an information gap for younger generations.

Cherie emphasizes the power of open communication and empathy. Sharing experiences fosters understanding and creates a supportive community for women facing similar challenges. 

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The Key Take Away

 Even from the first diagnosis in her twenties, her doctor never identified that Cherie had “fibroids” or provided her with options to preserve her fertility, which is why seeing a fibroid specialist is criticallyl important.

Cherie underwent three surgeries for fibroids:

  • The first surgery removed one large fibroid. 
  • The second surgery used a robotic procedure to remove eight to nine fibroids. 
  • Cherie actively researched fibroids and made lifestyle changes between the second and third surgeries. 
  • She proactively froze her eggs as a “plan B” due to the potential impact of surgery on fertility. 
  • The third surgery removed 39 fibroids, the most she ever had. 

 Cherie never had a doctor suggest freezing her eggs, emphasizing the importance of patient advocacy and research. Cherie highlights the value of open communication within families about women’s health topics. Freezing eggs as a proactive measure to preserve fertility potential after fibroid surgery is a rarely discussed topic, making Cherie’s experience unique and insightful. 

However, if Cherie had been presented with fibroid treatment options, like uterine fibroid embolization (UFE), she admits she may have saved herself years of dealing with painful fibroids and fertility issues.

Learn if UFE is Right For You

Find out if UFE is right for you. If you have uterine fibroids and feel like coping with symptoms is taking over your life, it may be time to look into treatment.

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