What is the Best Treatment for Fibroids?

If you want to know what the best treatment for fibroids is, we may be able to help you. At USA Fibroid Centers, we offer a non-surgical fibroid treatment that can be a great alternative to fibroid surgery, like hysterectomy. Uterine fibroids are a common condition that affect millions of women in America every year. Although fibroids are not cancerous, they do have the potential to cause painful symptoms if left untreated. Over time, fibroids can also grow in size or number, causing more symptoms and interfering with the effectiveness of treatment.

Fibroid symptoms can be different for each woman depending on various factors like age, lifestyle, state of health, and even race. Research has shown that African American women are actually more likely to develop uterine fibroids than women of any other race.

Fibroid Symptoms

The best treatment for fibroids can depend on the type of fibroids, the size of fibroids, and the symptoms that occur and their severity. Fortunately, a majority of woman with fibroids have intramural fibroids, which respond well to non-surgical treatment like Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE). If you are experiencing symptoms like heavy bleeding, irregular periods, abdominal pain and cramping, or fatigue, it could be due to uterine fibroids. If you want to find the right treatment for your fibroids, UFE is a great option.

Benefits of Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE)

At USA Fibroid Centers, we believe that UFE is the best treatment for fibroids. This is because UFE allows for the preservation of the uterus while providing effective, lasting relief from painful symptoms. Also, our UFE procedures are completed by fibroid experts in our outpatient clinics, which means no expensive, lengthy hospital stay.

UFE relieves fibroid symptoms by blocking the fibroids blood supply. As the fibroid is deprived of nutrients, it will begin to shrink and eventually die. Many women find this is the best treatment for fibroids, as it is an effective alternative to invasive surgery. Other fibroid treatments like hysterectomy or myomectomy require a long recovery, can be expensive, and hysterectomy results in the loss of fertility. If you struggle with fibroid symptoms like painful cramping or heavy bleeding, ask your doctor about UFE.

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