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Dr. Shiloh and medical team at USA Fibroid Centers in Philadelphia
(C) Fibroid Specialist Aaron Shiloh MD, FSIR, and his staff help patients learn more about UFE as a treatment for fibroids and adenomyosis

USA Fibroid Centers is leading efforts to raise awareness about adenomyosis, a condition that causes heavy bleeding, cramps, and infertility and is often misdiagnosed. Throughout April (Adenomyosis Awareness Month), they aim to:

  • Educate women about adenomyosis symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.
  • Highlight the impact on fertility and the importance of early diagnosis.
  • Empower women to advocate for their health.

They emphasize that adenomyosis can occur without fibroids and often co-exist with other gynecological conditions. However, adenomyosis can also occur without fibroids. While incurable, adenomyosis can be managed with hormone therapy, pain medication, and minimally invasive procedures like UFE.

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