Break the Silence, Break the Behavior With John Burns

Break the Behavior, Break the Behavior with John Burns 

Washington D.C. Entertainer Attorney John Burns who produced the documentary “I am a Dreamer” with the Motion Picture Association, speaks about the need for men to become a part of the solution for women suffering from fibroid disease in a recent episode of USA Fibroid Centers’ Break the Silence, Break the Behavior Video Series. Burns joined USA Fibroid Centers Founder and CEO Yan Katsnelson, M.D., in the YouTube series that explores the social, emotional, physical, and economic costs on the estimated 26 million American women who suffer from fibroid disease. 

Burns, who said he was shocked after learning about the volume of women that are affected by fibroids, is also a Co-Founder of The Burns Brothers, a multicultural marketing agency that champions culture, diversity, and inclusion causes. Burn feels there’s a lot men should know about the unique health concerns facing the women in their lives. “There’s so much that fibroids affect for women dealing with this condition from their mental, social well-being to even their careers and having a family.”  

Listen to the entire interview here. 

About “Break the Silence, Break the Behavior”
The 2021 video series, “Break the Silence, Break the Behavior” offers in-depth interviews with legislators, health activists and celebrities. Its goal is to bring attention to the fibroid epidemic and its effect on women’s health, emotional wellbeing, family lives, and careers.