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 USA Fibroid Center’s Couple’s Fibroid Story Showcased in Real Health Magazine 

When USA Fibroid Centers’ patient, Trina Caldwell, experienced a life-threatening episode triggered by uterine fibroids, her husband, David, sprang into action. Real Health spoke to Caldwell and her husband about what happened that night and how she managed this common condition that is three times more likely to affect African-American women in comparison to their Caucasian counterparts. After that night, Trina knew that her earlier consultation appointment at USA Fibroid Centers probably had saved her life. 

“When we got there, I told the doctor what I thought was going on. But as he was talking to me, he said I didn’t look right to him, so he wanted to do a special test to check my blood levels. The very next day he called with the results and told me that my blood levels were dangerously low. He insisted I go to the ER even though it was New Year’s Eve.” 

After her hospitalization, Trina went on and had UFE treatment. 

Read more in Real Health Magazine about how she improved health by choosing uterine fibroid embolization (UFE) to treat her fibroids.