High Cost Dec. 13

Looking at the Financial, Physical and Emotional Toll

Millions of women worldwide face the physical and emotional challenges of fibroids, but the impact extends far beyond their health.

The financial burden of fibroids can be significant, encompassing expenses for diagnosis, treatment, pain management, and lost productivity.

Host Kym Lee-King takes us shopping for products to deal with monthly fibroid symptoms. See Video.

 King tackles the monthly cost of dealing with fibroid symptoms with special guest Tamara Lee, a regular Fox5 fashion contributor on Good Day DC.  

The two discuss: 

  • The financial burden of fibroid treatment 
  • Navigating the holidays with fibroids 
  • Fibroids, symptoms and treatment options. 

 Lee hosts an Instagram live “Talk About U”– U meaning uterus— an educational initiative started by the USA Fibroid Centers to encourage women to speak out and share their fibroid journeys. Talk About “U” streams on the USA Fibroid Centers’ Instagram platform and attracts thousands of monthly followers. 

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