Thank A Doctor Fibroid

USA Clinics Group, the nation’s leader in minimally invasive care with over 168 clinics, celebrates its amazing doctors by inviting patients to share their stories and positive experiences on social media. 

“Our patients are our heroes,” says Dr. Yan Katsnelson, CEO USA Clinics Group. “Help us honor their dedication!”

Throughout National Doctors’ Day week, USA Clinics Group encourages patients to express their gratitude by filling out a thank you form on the USA Fibroid Centers website or its Facebook site. Nomination forms are also available online at USA Vein Clinics for those wanting to nominate their doctor for National Doctors’ Day.  Make sure to tag your post using the hashtag #NationalDoctorsDay.

USA Clinics Group provides comprehensive, patient-centered care through outpatient clinics. We specialize in minimally invasive treatments for various conditions.

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