USA Fibroid Centers to Host Second Fibroid Awareness Event in Atlanta

Northbrook, IL, May 7, 2021—USA Fibroid Centers is hosting a second Fibroid Awareness event in Atlanta to increase recognition for uterine fibroids and the impact of fibroids on women’s health. USA Fibroid Centers Founder Dr. Yan Katsnelson and our Fibroid Ambassador, actress and model Shay Johnson, will be speaking at the event to shift public perception of the fibroid epidemic, which affects 26 million women nationwide.

Community leaders and advocacy ambassadors who have been at the forefront of fibroid healthcare change will be recognized by USA Fibroid Centers. The event provides the opportunity to engage in a larger community discussion about the importance of women’s health and improved education and research for uterine fibroids.

Our guests will aid us in amplifying fibroid awareness by following and posting on social media using #FibroidAwarenessATL during the brunch and discussion. Our goal is to help women understand that they are never alone on their fibroid journey and to give them knowledge about fibroid symptoms and treatments to make the best decisions for their well-being. Help us connect with women and break the stigma around talking about fibroids and women’s reproductive health by following us on social media. Our links are below.