Fundus of Uterus

What is the Fundus of Uterus?

When discussing your reproductive system with your doctor, you may hear unfamiliar terms, such as the fundus of the uterus. The fundus of the uterus is the technical name for the part of the uterus that is the farthest away from its opening, the cervix. It is the top part of the uterus and is the ideal and most commonplace for the fertilized egg to implant.

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Where is the Fundus of Uterus?

The fundus of the uterus is located at the top of the uterus and across from the cervix. The cervix is the opening into the uterus from the vagina.

Different Parts of the Fundus of Uterus

The fundus of the uterus has three layers, just like the rest of the uterus.

  • Perimetrium, which covers from the outside of the organ.
  • Myometrium, which is the second and muscular layer.
  • Endometrium, which is the inner lane and mucous membrane.

Different Parts of the Fundus of Uterus

Fundus of Uterus and Fibroids

Fibroids can form anywhere inside or outside the uterus, including the fundus. They may attach to the inside of the fundus wall as submucosal fibroids or the outside as subserosal fibroids. It is possible to have multiple fibroids in various locations around the uterus.

You may not know you have fibroids or suffer from any symptoms, especially if they are small. However, these fibroids may grow as they receive nutrients through the blood flow of the artery they are attached to, increasing the likelihood that they may disrupt your life and cause discomfort. If you experience any symptoms, they may include:

You may also notice an enlarged uterus as the fibroids take up more space, making you look like you have gained weight. If you experience any of these symptoms or suspect you have fibroids, you should seek diagnosis and treatment.

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