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What Our Patients are Saying

What Our Patients are Saying

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USA Fibroid Centers Location in Flatbush Brooklyn New York (NY)

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If you are diagnosed with fibroids or experiencing symptoms, USA Fibroid Centers offers a non-surgical treatment called Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE). This innovative treatment can quickly alleviate your symptoms and get you back to living life to its fullest. 

While there are other fibroid treatments in Flatbush, NY available, most people with fibroids are not aware of the full range of options. Instead, many believe that hysterectomy, the complete surgical removal of the uterus, is the only solution. Our doctors aim to educate others on the effective, non-surgical treatment available that can preserve the uterus while eliminating painful, uncomfortable, and inconvenient symptoms and determine if our patients are candidates.

Uterine fibroids are a type of non-cancerous tumor that commonly grows in or on the uterus. Although not usually considered dangerous, Uterine Fibroids have the potential to cause harm to surrounding organs – and sometimes impact fertility. Individuals can develop a single fibroid or multiple fibroids, with sizes ranging from a tiny pea to weighing more than 20 pounds. 

The type, size, location, and number of fibroids impact which symptoms are involved, as well as their severity. Some never experience symptoms at all.

Symptoms of fibroids can include:

  • Heavy or prolonged menstruation
  • Anemia-induced fatigue
  • Pelvic or lower back pain
  • Constipation
  • Stomach bloating
  • Frequent urination
  • Painful sexual intercourse
  • Severe cramps or pelvic pressure

At USA Fibroid Centers, we recommend seeking fibroid treatment when symptoms interfere with your career, sex life, self-esteem, or social interactions. We are here to help you find relief from fibroids – experience our fibroid care experts and non surgical fibroid treatment at our Flatbush neighborhood (in the borough of Brooklyn, NY) fibroid treatment center.

Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) Fibroid Treatment in Brooklyn, NY

Uterine Fibroid Embolization is a less invasive, lower-risk, non-surgical treatment that leaves the uterus and ovaries intact. This FDA-approved, outpatient procedure offers a much shorter recovery time than surgery, with most women returning to normal activities in one to two weeks. Our interventional radiologists perform UFE procedures at our outpatient facility. 

Unlike other Brooklyn fibroid removal techniques, UFE:

  • Takes between 30 and 45 minutes
  • Locates fibroids using an advanced ultrasound method called fibroid mapping
  • Uses light sedation instead of general anesthesia
  • Involves only a small incision in your upper thigh

During the procedure, our specialists inject embolic through a tiny catheter into the uterine artery to block blood flow to the fibroids. Once cut off from blood flow and nutrients, the fibroid(s) shrinks eventually withers away. The injected material remains permanently in the blood vessels at the fibroid site, making it unlikely that the fibroid will regrow in the future. Afterwards, you will go home with only a small bandage on your incision. Stitches are not needed. 

To learn whether you are a candidate for Uterine Fibroid Embolization, visit one of our clinics. You can schedule an appointment online today to meet with one of our Flatbush fibroid specialists.

Looking for a Fibroid Specialist in Brooklyn, New York?

USA Fibroid Centers is the #1 fibroid treatment expert in the country, with dozens of clinic locations in New York available. The primary goal of our highly-rated Brooklyn fibroid specialists is to inform patients of their full range of treatment options in order to avoid any unnecessary fibroid surgery and ensure our patients find relief from symptoms.

Our Fibroid Doctors

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Beginning your Fibroid Treatment in Brooklyn on Flatbush Avenue

The skilled fibroid doctors on Flatbush Avenue provide the care you need if you’ve been diagnosed with uterine fibroids, have fibroid related symptoms are potentially seeking a second opinion. Our USA Fibroid Centers team provides non-surgical fibroid treatment in a comfortable state-of-the-art facility in Brooklyn

Our staff will work with you to create a personalized approach to treat your uterine fibroids. With no hospital stay or general anesthesia needed, you can be less stressed about your UFE treatment and focus instead on recovery.

How to Prepare for your Visit at Our Brooklyn, NY Fibroid Treatment Center

During your initial consultation, your fibroid doctor will discuss your symptoms and overall health with you. At this time, you can ask questions about the UFE procedure and learn what to expect.

Confirm your Insurance Coverage

Our USA Fibroid Center team of insurance specialists can assist in maximizing your insurance benefits and work with you in completing the necessary paperwork. 

We partner with multiple insurance providers. If you don’t see yours on our extensive list, call us at 347.625.3625. We also offer affordable payment options. Nosotras hablamos español.

How to get to our Fibroid Treatment Clinic in Brooklyn, NY

You’ll find our center at 924 Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, New York.

Nearby Areas We Serve:

  • Windsor Terrace
  • Prospect Park South
  • Prospect Lefferts Gardens
  • East Flatbush
  • Midwood

Fibroid Center Near Windsor Terrace: Our center is roughly a 14-minute, 1.5-mile drive along Church Avenue.

Fibroid Center Near Prospect Park South: We’re about a 1-mile drive from Prospect Park South. Take Beverley Road and Ocean Avenue, and you’ll be here in about 10 minutes. 

Fibroid Center Near Prospect Lefferts Gardens: When you’re coming from Prospect Lefferts Gardens, we’re about 1.2 miles away. Take Midwood Street and Flatbush Avenue, and you’ll arrive in about 8 minutes.

Fibroid Center Near East Flatbush: From East Flatbush, we’re about a 2.2-mile drive. Take Linden Boulevard, and you’ll arrive in around 16 minutes.

Fibroid Center Near Midwood: Our center is around a 14-minute, 2.5-mile drive via Ocean Avenue.

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How UFE Compares to Other Uterine Fibroid Treatments

UFE works by cutting off the blood supply to any existing fibroids. Because it addresses all of your fibroids at once, you can get lasting relief with one procedure. It’s also effective for treating large fibroids, which is why so many women prefer it to surgical options and other treatments.

Here’s a look at how UFE compares to myomectomy, hysterectomy, Acessa, and other treatments for fibroids.
Fibroid Treatment Comparison Chart
For up to 95% of patients, UFE is effective at alleviating fibroid-related symptoms [National Institute of Health]

Book Your Brooklyn, NY Fibroid Treatment Today

If uterine fibroid symptoms are negatively impacting your daily life, we can help. USA Fibroid Centers wants you to rediscover a life without painful, uncomfortable, unpredictable fibroid symptoms. To consult with our top specialists for uterine fibroid treatment in Flatbush, NY, use our convenient online scheduling form to book an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What fibroid treatments does the USA Fibroid Center in Brooklyn on Flatbush Ave. offer?

At the USA Fibroid Center in Brooklyn on Flatbush Ave. we primarily offer Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE). This minimally-invasive technique targets fibroids by reducing their blood supply, leading to fewer symptoms and quick recovery, usually within 1-2 weeks.

How should I prepare for my appointment at the USA Fibroid Center in Brooklyn on Flatbush Ave.?

For your UFE treatment at Brooklyn on Flatbush Ave., avoid specific medications, foods, and substances 24 hours prior. Please bring essential documents like your photo ID, medication list, prior fibroid treatment records, and insurance card. Ensure someone is available to drive you home after the procedure.

How can I consult with a fibroid specialist in Brooklyn on Flatbush Ave.?

Schedule an appointment at our Brooklyn on Flatbush Ave. clinic or opt for a telemedicine consultation. Our UFE procedure is less invasive than traditional surgeries, involves no incisions, and preserves the uterus.