Doctor and patient shine light on fibroids

Dr. Yan Katsnelson, CEO and Founder of USA Fibroid Clinics, and Fibroid Ambassador Eugenia Buie appeared on News 12 the Bronx to discuss uterine fibroid disease during Fibroid Awareness Month.

Fibroids are benign uterine growths that can cause painful and disruptive symptoms. Dr. Katsnelson emphasized that women with fibroids do not have to suffer, and that there are nonsurgical treatment options available. He noted that by age 50, up to 80% of women develop fibroids.

Eugenia Buie shared her personal fibroids journey, describing how the benign tumors nearly took over her life. She endured severe pain and heavy menstrual flow for years, even requiring a blood transfusion. The condition had a negative impact on her mental health as well.

Buie has since become an ambassador for the Fibroid Fighter Foundation, where she empowers other women with valuable information about fibroid treatment. She emphasizes the importance of fighting fibroids with knowledge, conversation, and support.

The Fibroid Fighters Foundation and USA Fibroid Centers host an annual event in Manhattan to raise funds for fibroid awareness and related initiatives. The event aims to shed light on the condition, support research and treatment efforts, and offer hope to women suffering from fibroids.

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Read the Transcript:

Advocates Discuss Fibroids for Awareness Month with News 12 the Bronx

Featuring Dr. Yan Katsnelson, USA Fibroids Centers CEO, and Eugenia Buie, Fibroid Fighters Ambassador


 Amanda Bossard:

Meanwhile, July is fibroid awareness month, and one local doctor and patient are shining a light on the painful yet very common condition.

Dr. Yan Katsnelson:

People know about colonoscopies; they know about breast cancer or self-examination. They need to know about fibroids. 

Marissa Marcellino:

Dr. Yan Katsnelson wants women to know there is a cure and that they’re not alone. He says, by age 50, up to 80% of Black women and 70% of White women suffer from fibroids. Eugene Bowie says these benign tumors that grow in the uterus were taking over her life.

Eugenia Buie:

When fibroids consume your body, it begins to take the blood from the oxygen. So you won’t be able to properly breathe and properly mobilize until your body is saying to you something is wrong.


The New York native says she spent years with severe pain and a heavy flow to the point where she required a blood transfusion. It also took a toll on her mental health. She suffered from panic attacks. Two years ago, she says she had the uterine fibroid embolization outpatient procedure here that changed her life.


I’m able to do things that I wasn’t able to do before without getting winded because I’m free. I’m finally free.


Now Buie works with the Fibroid Fighter Foundation as an ambassador. She empowers other women with treatment information and encourages them not to delay getting help.


Always remember, we don’t fear fibroids. We fight them. And how do we fight them? We fight them with information. We fight them with conversation. We fight them with love.


The Fibroid Fighters Foundation and USA Fibroid Centers are having their annual event in Manhattan tomorrow to raise money and awareness for this condition. That’s the latest here from Longwood. Marissa Marcelino News 12.


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