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Forbes cites USA Fibroid Centers in an article discussing the toll of uterine fibroids on Black women. July is Fibroid Awareness Month—a time to amplify those suffering from uterine fibroids. The article shares that USA Fibroid Centers reported in June that Black women are more likely to develop fibroids at an earlier age.

The article “Exploring the Impact of Uterine Fibroids on Black Women” highlights the stories of four Black women who share their experiences with the condition and offer advice for workplaces to address this common issue.

An estimated 80% of Black women will develop uterine fibroids by age 50. These benign tumors can cause various symptoms, including heavy menstrual bleeding, pelvic pain, and pressure. Black women are also more likely to develop fibroids earlier and suffer more severe symptoms than other racial groups.

After a fibroid diagnosis, Black women are often steered towards hysterectomies, even though less invasive nonsurgical options are available. This is due to several factors, including a lack of awareness of treatment options, implicit bias, and financial constraints.

Support for women dealing with fibroids in the workplace involves a multilayered approach. Adequate insurance coverage is a first step to cover necessary care and preventive gynecology exams, including imaging. Promoting work-life balance is also crucial to accommodate absences or medical leaves due to painful periods.

Employers can raise awareness through educational materials and workshops about fibroids and overall health for women. Additionally, creating a workplace culture that promotes flexibility and understanding when employees need time off for medical issues like fibroids is essential.

The article also highlights four Black women’s experiences with uterine fibroids to shed light on the impact of this condition.

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