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Founder of Overcomers Ministry Group Eugenia Buie Named USA Fibroid Centers’ Ambassador

Stresses the importance of second opinions for fibroid treatment

Northbrook, IL, October 5, 2021— New Yorker Eugenia Buie, Founder of the Overcomers Ministry Group and author of “Get Ya Life: From Victim to Victor” has been named a USA Fibroid Centers’ Ambassador. Buie, who launched the Overcomers Ministry Group, is the host of a monthly “White Table Talk” Facebook Live that provides a spiritual perspective on real-life issues. She admits her most recent challenge that she faced and conquered was her fight with fibroid disease. From agony to healing, Buie is sharing her fibroid story to help other women, particularly black women, pay serious attention to their health.

An estimated 26 million Americans have fibroids, and of those, about 15 million suffer from debilitating symptoms. This includes heavy menstrual bleeding, intense pelvic pressure or pain, bladder problems, and fertility issues.[1]

This year, Buie, who suffered for 20 years from heavy bleeding and excruciating pain, underwent a successful uterine fibroid embolization (UFE) to treat her fibroids. “The UFE procedure was the best solution for me,” Buie said. “I was able to get the help I needed at a low cost and a shorter recovery period.”

USA Fibroid Centers Fibroid Ambassadors initiate authentic conversations to raise awareness about fibroids, symptoms, and treatment to help women advocate for better, non-surgical treatment. The National Institute of Health estimates that most women will develop one or more uterine fibroids during their reproductive lifespan. Black women are at an increased risk for fibroid disease.

“It’s time that uterine fibroids get the attention they need so the millions of women whose lives are disrupted by fibroids get better and earlier treatment,” said Yan Katsnelson, M.D. Founder and CEO, USA Fibroid Centers. “Too many women opt for a surgical procedure to remove the uterus because they are uninformed about minimally invasive methods, like UFE.”

Buie had never attributed her long menstrual cycles and heavy bleeding to fibroid disease before this year. Although she visited her OBGYN regularly, she was unable to see her during the pandemic. “When I finally went in, I was informed that the fibroids were massive and I needed to go in for a pelvic MRI,” Buie said.

Buie knew she had fibroids in her early 20’s but was told not to worry. Her fibroids worsened until she received a phone call from her doctor telling her to go to the hospital to have a blood transfusion because her hemoglobin was dangerously low.

“After that, I had heavy bleeding that lasted 32 days straight leading up to my UFE procedure,” said Buie.

Buie’s doctor advised her to get a hysterectomy or myomectomy because of her age and the size of the fibroids. It motivated her to do research where she learned about UFE. When Buie discussed UFE with her GYN, her physician referred her to a fibroid specialist, an interventional radiologist, for the procedure.

“What would have taken over six weeks to heal from only took me six business days,” said Buie about the UFE treatment. “My advice to other women is to educate yourself on your options. Always get a second opinion, and don’t fear learning about your health.”

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[1] Management of Uterine Fibroids

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