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What Our Patients are Saying

What Our Patients are Saying

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USA Fibroid Centers Location in White Plains Bronx New York (NY)

Uterine Fibroids Treatment on White Plains Road in the Bronx, New York

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We understand how difficult living with uterine fibroids can be. Missing extensive work from pelvic pain or bleeding, planning your life around being close to a restroom, and canceling plans with friends or family can be frustrating. USA Fibroid Centers is conveniently located on White Plains Road to give women in the Bronx and beyond a life without fibroid pain.

About Uterine Fibroids

Uterine fibroids are tumors that typically noncancerous and develop within the uterus. Fibroids are firm growths that consist of smooth muscle cells and fibrous tissue. Uterine fibroids are classified by their size and location. Intramural fibroids grow within the muscular uterine wall. Submucosal fibroids bulge into the uterine cavity. Subserosal fibroids project to the outside of the uterus.While the tumors are non-cancerous, they can grow to harm other organs if untreated. This condition affects nearly one-third of women of childbearing age.

While some women don’t experience fibroid symptoms, others experience:

  • Heavy, prolonged menstruation
  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Protruding abdomen or constipation
  • Low back or pelvic pain
  • Frequent urination
  • Difficulty emptying the bladder
  • Fatigue due to anemia
  • Having to buy and use a significant amount of feminine hygiene products
  • Constantly relying on over-the-counter pain medications to relieve pelvic pain or pressure
  • Missing a large amount of work due to fibroid pain or bleeding

If you’re experiencing symptoms of uterine fibroids, you’re not alone. The specialists at our fibroids treatment center on White Plains Road in the Bronx, NY can help with your diagnosis using advanced ultrasound technology, and work with you to determine the best course of treatment.

Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) on White Plains Road, Bronx, NY

USA Fibroid Centers offers a minimally-invasive fibroid treatment for women in the Bronx who are looking for a minimally invasive solution. Our procedure called Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE), is the gold standard of minimally invasive fibroid relief.

UFE shrinks fibroids half their size, resulting in significant symptom improvement. The procedure is minimally invasive and requires no hospital stay, so you’ll be able to go home shortly after your appointment.

Before treatment, we’ll first make you comfortable by administering a light sedative and numbing your upper leg. A physician will then make a small incision and thread a catheter to the uterine artery that sends blood flow to the fibroid. The catheter will release small particles that block the fibroid’s blood flow, reducing its size and eliminating its impact on the surrounding organs. The process takes between 30 and 45 minutes.

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What to Expect from our Minimally-Invasive UFE Treatment

Most women who undergo UFE treatment of uterine fibroids at our White Plains Road, Bronx center enjoy a short recovery and noticeable symptom relief. You should be able to enjoy your regular activities five to seven days after your procedure, and you’ll reach full recovery in one to two weeks.

After recovery, you can enjoy a life free from fibroid pain. Many women’s fibroid symptoms disappear after treatment, with benefits including:

  • Reduced the length and heaviness of periods
  • Pain, pressure, bloating, constipation, or frequent urination is relieved
  • Able to have pain-free sexual intercourse
  • Feel more energetic due to increased iron levels
  • Less trips to the restroom
  • Protruding belly or abdomen has gone away, can fit into normal sizes again
  • Find myself buying and using less feminine hygiene products (not having to double-up anymore)
  • Taking less over-the-counter pain medications to manage pelvic pain or cramps

You can live your life with increased confidence after your minimally-invasive fibroid treatment. Your fibroid symptoms will no longer hold you back from going to work or participating in the activities you enjoy.

Beginning your Fibroid Treatment in the Bronx, NY on White Plains Road

USA Fibroid Centers brings the latest diagnostics and Bronx UFE treatment. As your Bronx fibroid specialists, we provide exceptional care and minimally-invasive treatment for your uterine fibroid symptoms. We staff our leading-edge medical facility with skilled doctors who aim to provide you with a higher quality of life. With a develop a unique treatment tailored to your needs comes compassionate care from consultation to recovery. 

We know you may be anxious about your treatment — medical care can make you feel uncertain. Our Bronx fibroid specialists want to support you, answer your questions, and make you more comfortable with your treatment plan.

How to Prepare for your Visit

Before your treatment, one of our Bronx fibroid specialists will sit with you to discuss the symptoms you’re experiencing, your general health, and exactly what your treatment involves. Please ask any questions, and share any concerns so we can make your Bronx fibroid treatment as easy on you as we can. 

Please bring the following documents with you to your appointment:

  • Your photo ID
  • Insurance card 
  • A list of your current medications and supplements
  • Medical records about any past fibroid treatments or medications

We want your Bronx fibroid treatment to go smoothly, so please follow these guidelines for the 24 hours prior to your treatment:

  • Skip using aspirin or any blood thinner medication
  • Avoid the use of alcohol
  • Please moderate your caffeine use
  • Avoid smoking or chewing tobacco
  • For the final three hours leading up to your Bronx fibroid treatment, avoid all foods, and drink only clear liquids
  • Take all your prescribed medications as usual
  • Arrange to have someone drive you home after the procedure since you’ll be sedated for the treatment

Confirm your Insurance Coverage

USA Fibroid Centers’ team of insurance experts is ready to help you organize and maximize your insurance coverage. We will help you understand your benefits and the paperwork required to get approved by your provider. Our goal is to minimize any out-of-pocket expenses. We partner with an impressive range of insurance providers. If you don’t see your provider, call us at 347.824.2065.

How to Get to Our Fibroid Center on White Plains Road, Bronx, NY

Our center is at 2157 White Plains Road in the Bronx. We’re close to the Bronx Zoo and the Pelham Parkway Van Nest Library. 

Nearby Areas We Serve:

  • Pelham Parkway
  • Indian Village
  • Little Yemen
  • Allerton
  • Little Italy

Fibroid Center Near Pelham Parkway: We’re a quick 3-minute, 0.3-mile drive on Lydig Avenue. 

Fibroid Center Near Indian Village: From Indian Village, you can take Neill Avenue for a mile and arrive in about 6 minutes. 

Fibroid Center Near Little Yemen: Our center is about a 3-minute, half-mile drive along White Plains Road. 

Fibroid Center Near Allerton: When you’re coming from Allerton, you can take Mace Avenue, Boston Road, and White Plains Road for 0.8 miles. It’s about a 6-minute drive.

Fibroid Center Near Little Italy: Take US-1 North for 1.4 miles to reach our center. You’ll get here in about 12 minutes.

Find Symptom Relief with a Uterine Fibroid Treatment Center on White Plains Road, Bronx, New York

USA Fibroid Centers is dedicated to helping women in the Bronx and beyond alleviate their fibroid symptoms. Contact us online to request your consultation at our White Plains Road location, where we’ll help you determine if UFE is the right choice for you.

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