Non-Surgical Treatment for Uterine Fibroids

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What Our Patients are Saying

What Our Patients are Saying

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Uterine Fibroid Treatment Center in the Bronx, NY on Fordham Road 

We are an outpatient clinic staffed by an experienced team of fibroid specialists. Our doctors treat fibroids with uterine fibroid embolization (UFE), an FDA-approved procedure that helps rid of fibroid symptoms without impacting a woman’s fertility. 

Book a consultation at our clinic today if you want lasting relief from fibroid symptoms. 


Fibroid Treatment Comparison Chart Between UFE and Surgery

UFE is a less invasive alternative to fibroid surgery. It doesn’t involve a hospital visit or stitches, and our patients leave with nothing more than a band-aide. View our chart to see how UFE compares to other fibroid treatments. 

Fibroid Treatment Comparison Chart
For up to 95% of patients, UFE is effective at alleviating fibroid-related symptoms [National Institute of Health]

Non-Surgical Fibroid Treatment in Bronx, NY 

UFE is a safe and effective treatment for all types of fibroids. This advanced procedure requires only a tiny incision and treats all existing fibroids simultaneously, ensuring no fibroids remain after treatment. 

Our fibroid clinic on Fordham Road in the Bronx has been treating women with fibroids using uterine fibroid embolization for years. See our patient testimonials to learn more about how it can help. 

Meet Our Bronx, New York Fibroid Specialists

Our doctors are top-rated fibroid specialists. They are highly recommended in the area because of their high level of expertise and commitment to providing patient-centered care. 

Our Fibroid Doctors

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We Accept Most Insurance for Non-Surgical UFE Treatment

Our Bronx, NY, fibroid treatment center on Fordham Road participates with most insurance plans, including Medicare and some Medicaid plans. We also have affordable payment options available.

Find out if your insurance is accepted for your fibroid treatment when you schedule — our online booking tool verifies your insurance right away. 

How to Get to Our Fibroid Clinic on Fordham Road in the Bronx, NY

We’re located on E Fordham Road between Morris Avenue and Jerome Avenue, close to St. James Park and Kingsbridge Heights.

If you’re taking the subway to your appointment, we’re one block east from the Fordham Road station on the 4 Train and three blocks west of the Fordham Rd. station on the B Train. You’ll see our fibroid treatment center between Fordham Vision Center and Capy Tres Leches Cake. 

You can also take the Bx12 or Bx32 Bronx bus lines to our clinic. Both have stops at Jerome Avenue and Fordham Road. 

For drivers, street parking is nearby, and several parking garages, including one at 2478 Jerome Avenue. 

Get Directions to Our Fibroid Center

Nearby Areas Our Fibroid Clinic Serves 

Conveniently located near Fordham University, our fibroid clinic on Fordham Road services the following Bronx, NY neighborhoods:

  • Belmont
  • West Bronx
  • Norwood
  • Mt Hope

Other USA Fibroid Centers Near You

Looking for a fibroid doctor closer to where you live? We have other fibroid treatment centers throughout the Bronx and over 160 locations nationwide. Here are some of our nearby locations in the Bronx:

Book Your Fibroid Appointment in Bronx, NY, on Fordham Road

Book a consultation at our fibroid center on Fordham Road today. Call (718) 513-5877 to schedule or book online. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How to prepare for your appointment at USA Fibroid Centers on Fordham Road?

Before your first visit, write down any questions you’d like to ask your doctor. On the day of your consultation, bring a photo ID, your insurance card, a list of your current medications, and any relevant medical records, such as past imaging results.

Learn more about what to expect during your initial consultation. 

What uterine fibroid treatment is offered at your West Bronx fibroid treatment center?

We offer uterine fibroid embolization (UFE), also known as uterine artery embolization (UAE). This non-surgical treatment works by stopping the flow of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to uterine fibroids. There are no large incisions or stitches, and the procedure doesn’t involve removing any part of the uterus, making it still possible to get pregnant after UFE

Can I get to the Fordham Road USA Fibroid Centers location using public transportation?

Yes, it’s easy to reach our fibroid center from both the NYC subway and bus system. Our clinic is close to the Fordham Road subway stations on the B Train and the 4 Train. You can also reach us by taking a Bx12 or Bx32 bus and getting off at the stop near Jerome Avenue and Fordham. 

Is parking available at USA Fibroid Centers in the Bronx, NY on Fordham Road?

We don’t have a dedicated parking lot, but street parking is available near our fibroid center. You can also park in one of the nearby parking garages. 

  • Riverdale Parking at 5604 Broadway
  • Jerome -190th St. Parking at 2478 Jerome Ave.
  • MPG Parking at 4745 Park Avenue