Success Stories

USA Fibroids is happy to bring optimism and hope back to our patients lives and enable them to enjoy each day without fibroids. Explore the success stories below from our happy clients!


It’s been a year since I had my procedure. It was the best decision. So happy I HAVE NO PROBLEMS ANYMORE.

Kourtney S
White Plains, NY

Best Decision I Made for My Health

I had a very pleasant experience at the USA Fibroid Center, specifically the one located on White Plains Road. The assistants were so pleasant as was Dr. Welke. Thank you guys, I think this is one of the best decisions I have made with regards to my health.


Awesome Recovery

“…After surgery, my recovery has been awesome and the incision has healed to the point that it is unnoticeable. I’m very pleased with my experience.”

Bensonhurst, NY

Hysterectomy Is Not the Only Option

If you have fibroids, go see them. I waited eight years. Their procedure is non-invasive and life changing. Gynecologists won’t tell you about this option, and it works! Dr. Gunzenhauzer and his staff are amazing. Stop suffering. Hysterectomy is not the only option. My relief was immediate. No joke

Brooklyn, NY

Doctor and Staff Nothing Short of Amazing

Had a fibroid embolization procedure done a month ago. Yes the wait time is excessive and they do need to implement a better system when they over book appointment times but, my experience with the entire staff has been nothing short of amazing from reception to the sonogram techs, Kyong the intake nurse, the ops team. The anesthesiologist has me laughing even as he administered the “cocktail” lol…after the procedure the care team was on point and they followed up by calling two days after and every couple of weeks thereafter to see how I was doing. My choosing to go to USA Vein/Fibroid Centers was worth it!

Bensonhurst, NY

Know Your Options

Last November was the last straw for me. I had heavy periods and horrible cramps for months. Everyone told me it was normal, or that my body was just going through a change, but boy were we wrong. I had four fibroids and my obgyn said I was going to need a hysterectomy. I was so upset and started going to therapy so I could deal. My friends told me I was too young, and what if I wanted to have another kid.

I went to USA Fibroid Centers and they told me about embolization. The doctors were so nice and the visit went very well. After, no more cramps, no more bathroom breaks, definitely less bleeding. They checked on me and made sure everything was going alright and they were very thoughtful at my other appointments. I couldn’t imagine life without using two pads (and changing them every 2 hours), but now I can. I would recommend to all who have fibroids. There are more options, you shouldn’t just get stuck. They were very informative here and knew a lot. I felt comfortable which is a big thing for me.

Los Angeles

I’m Happy I Didn’t Wait

I missed work A LOT because of my heavy bleeding and sometimes I couldn’t get out of bed before work. My boss was always frustrated at me and it was hard talking about what I was going through. I looked up a lot of info online about my issues and finally found it might be fibroids. This place saved me. I’m so happy I didn’t have to go through a hysterectomy. I really didn’t want one. Embolization really was amazing and I’m happy I didn’t wait anymore than I did.

Woburn, MA

USA Fibroid Centers Gave Me Hope

Dr. Gunzenhauser, Jeffrey MD [was] the best doctor I have met. When I say he was with me from the start to the finish. [He had] compassion and explained everything to me. [He was] sincere and he was even willing to go pick up our medicine across the street for us ladies. The procedure went well, they gave me hope and confidence when I felt there were none. Thank you so much, also excellent staff on point and professional all the way.

St. Nicholas, NY

Amazed at the Service and Care

No words can describe the level of service and care from the staff at USA Fibroid Centers at 1264 St. Nicholas Ave.

Washington Heights - Manhattan, NY

Their Doctors Supported Me Every Step of the Way

I had been suffering with fibroids for the past seven years; backache, pain and I looked pregnant. All the doctors I [went] to really didn’t take my fibroid issues seriously, some recommended a hysterectomy and others will say it will shrink once I hit menopause. I was so depressed and had low self esteem when I looked at my bloated, watermelon-size tummy. I found this clinic and called them up. Uterine fibroid embolization (UFE) is a less invasive procedure for the treatment of uterine fibroids, a procedure that shrinks the fibroid which saves your uterus and recovery is quick. I met with Dr. Gunzenhauser and he explained to me how the whole process works on my fibroid. I had it done on 3-15-18 and I was back to work quickly. I lost weight and on April 22, I had lost inches on my tummy! I can’t believe it. I feel great and my fibroid health issues [are] gone! Ladies please go to Dr. Gunzenhauser, he is amazing and very supportive. His staff is very friendly and professional.

Broadway, NY

Empathetic Care

I was a patient last year and the doctors and staff were nothing but nice to me. They made me comforted and listened to, which I didn’t get from other medical places. Unique to have [outpatient] fibroid help that used good technology and tools.

I had two very large fibroids and they explained the treatment to me so I knew what they were going to be doing on me and be sure and not worried. It took around 35 mins and I got to go home right after. I would recommend, very sure! Thank you!!

Forest Hills, NY